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life is wonderful [Thursday
4:58pm August 25th]
[ mood | okay ]



field hockey has finally started to be fun again. At the beginning I really didn't like it, but now its better. Tomorrow we have a scrimmage and then a pool party and then Sunday the team is going to Canobie! so I think that's good.

On Saturday I got tickets to go see JASON MRAZ!!!!!!!!! I'm very very excited.

In three weeks from today I will no longer have braces! haha I'm so pumped.

My brother left for college on Saturday. That was pretty sad, sometimes I still expect him to come home at night and its weird.

Oh and today I got all of my hair cut off. :-/ I don't know if I like it, its definitely shorter than I was expecting.


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2:46pm August 17th]
I got my schedule and I think I know people in pretty much all of my classes which is good.

Journalism - Saunders
Physics - Michaud
AP US History - Poulin
Precalc - Butler

English - Mulvey
Spanish 4 - Schultz
AP US History - Poulin
Latin - Brunelle

Comment if you have anything with me:-)
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its you, you're running through my mind and it makes me crazy [Saturday
6:59pm July 30th]
[ mood | content ]

hola! how has everyone's summer vacation been? there hasn't been much updating lately, i guess cause everyone is real busy or something. I know I haven't updated since before I went to camp which was wicked long ago. Well camp was fun, it was wicked intense haha but I learned a lot and met a lot of pepole who were all wicked amazing at field hockey.

Not too much has been going on lately. I went to Canobie last week with some crazy kids and that was fun. I have been running and playing field hockey everyday with Tessssa. and on thursday we went hiking on Mt. Monadnock which was a lot more difficult then i was expecting. Hmmm Jason Mraz's new CD came out on Tuesday and it's wonderful. hahaha I love it a lot.

Tomorrow is gunna be another one of those famous family beach days. hmm. I'm going to the Red Sox game on Thursday!!! I'm pumped. I still need to post all of my pics from the last game I went to. I will soon though and post more pics from summer:-)

WELLL I'm going out soon, so I'm gunna go. I'll update more later.

see ya!

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11:38am July 10th]
well, I'm leaving again.

I'll be at camp but only until Wednesday.

soooo I guess I'll see you all later! have a nice week:-)

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are you listening to a single word i've said [Sunday
4:17pm July 3rd]
[ mood | happy ]


So I'm back from my weeklong stay at the beach. It was pretty fun. I went to the beach almost everyday and got pretty tan despite the less then perfect weather. I also played mini golf quite a bit haha and went to a Red Sox game on Wednesday. They won and it was so much fun! I had seats right in between Trot (my fave :-)) and Johnny. I have some pics that I'll post later because I don't feel like it right now. I also went to this concert for this band that I had never heard of before at the beach, but they were pretty good.

OH and last Friday was the Jet and Oasis concert with Tessa and Laura. It was craaaazy, maybe Tessa will post the pictures soon?! haha that was really fun though and we met some interesting people.

Yesterday I got home at like noon and then I unpacked and later I went to Tessa's with Ceylan and we went for a walk to the Big One and then to Heathers for a cookout. We watched Live 8 like the whole time. It was really good though.

So now I'm just chilling, kind of enjoying being home although I'm wishing that I could be at the beach today rather then some of the days that we had last week. oh well. And tomorrow is the 4th of July. I can't believe how fast summer is flying by. Next week is field hockey camp and I'm so nervous. But anyways that's my summer so far. I hope everyone else had a good first full week of summer:-)

See ya! ♥

You Are Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
You are kind, popular, and generous.
You tend to be successful at anything you try.
A social butterfly, you are great at entertaining a crowd.
You are most compatible with strawberry ice cream.

I forgot, but I have my schedule for next year. and yes it's gunna suckkkkk.
1st Semester
AP US History

2nd Semster
English 3
Spanish 4
AP US History
Latin 1 (yes, as of now I'm taking flippin latin.)

the end.
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summer summer summer time [Thursday
1:28pm June 23rd]
[ mood | sore ]

I haven't updated in a long time.

Since I wrote last my grandparents and uncle came up for a while for Matt's graduation. I went to about ten MILLION birthday parties!, Matt graduated, school ended, and summer already has been craaaazy!

summer so far:
-Panera with everyone
-baking a cake for traaaang
-trang's last night at greeley
-running and field hockey
-shopping with alyssa bridge and tessa
-more running and field hockey with tessa and puj.

The rest of this week looks like the Pants movie!, more running and field hockey, JET/OASIS!!, and then off to the beach for a week on Saturday!!!

So thats it. I'll try to update again before I leave saturday but I don't know if I will have time. See ya!:-)

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iiiiiiiiiiiii ttttttrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy to go on like I never knew you [Thursday
5:07pm June 9th]
[ mood | content ]


So I got some good news... braces should be off sometime this summer. I find that very encouraging.

Yesterday I made ice cream in chemistry and it was fun! Also I think that despite everything (MS. FLIPPIN PHELPS) I'm going to miss cw! haha and also the seniors in that class. Today was so funny man.

so six days left huh? It's hard to believe, I still have soooo much work left to do/ make up in my classes. aw man, who wants to write a party poem for me?! ahahah.

the end.


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i'm going to a place nearby gotta go (CLICK) [Monday
4:19pm June 6th]
[ mood | energetic ]

life was pretty funny today.

Especially second block with tessa mandra! STOP SAYING THAT. hahahahha I haven't stopped laughing like all day. ahahhahah ohh my life, it is crazzzzy.

Matt drove me to pattersons afterschool and I got new dancin shoes:-) wooo. I'm preeeeeettyyy pumped for recital this weekend!

I think I might apply to Burlington Coat Factory to work w. Lauren, but I'm not sure, maybe I'll just do that til field hockey and then try to find a better job after the seasons over. so i can have one at least for the summer and lauren kind of makes alot there sooo we'll see.

LAST TAP CLASS ESTA NOCHE. I <3 tap and my dance.

aight, i'm out seeeee ya lata:-)
-rachellll ♥

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I never felt more alone [Friday
10:14pm June 3rd]
[ mood | crazy ]

The True You

You want your girlfriend or boyfriend to be more relaxed, calm, and composed.
With respect to money, you spend as little as possible.
You think good luck is something you won't attain - you expect bad luck.
The hidden side of your personality tends to be satisfied to care for things with a minimal amount of effort.
You are tend to think about others' feelings a lot, perhaps because you are so eager to be liked.
When it comes to finding a romantic partner, you are not too worried about finding someone right away. You're kind of laid-back in such matters.

I went shooooooppppppping tonight with tessa and alyssa! its actually been awhile since i went to the mall to go shopping. hmm it was fun and now I have no money again, so I guess it's time to go look for a job somewhere. So things suck lately. SUMMMMMER cannot come quick enough. but also I think that next year is gunna suck too, just cause of the flippin classes I'm taking, but we shall see. So I guess tonight was the prom and I'm so excited for our's because I want to buy a pretty dress and all that stuff.

Baby I am missing you
I want you by my side
and I hope you miss me too
Come back and stay
I think about you everyday
I really want you too
You swept my feet right off the ground
you're the love I found

dr. jones jones calling dr. jones
dr. jones dr. jones wake up now.

-Raccchhhhhhh ♥
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tag you're it:-) [Wednesday
7:09pm June 1st]
[ mood | weird ]

I was tagged by highandlo

</p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></span>timelessx , __kiss__me__ , slporviensk,   cheercutie9778,

and  mddleesternmami


doooo it:-)

well, all that's new for me is that I finally sent in my FH camp forms for this summer and I'm pretty pumped. and Puja and Tessa will be there as well so it should be fun! OH, and the weirdest thing happened to me this morning, but I've been laughing about ever since hahahaha:-) you just have to be me to know what I'm talking about lol anddddd happy birthday to Heather, Ceylan, Joana, and Alysssaa! I know it's a few days late, but I just haven't updated. and that's all. pretty much boring but what can I say?

haha seee ya<3

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and I'm tangled up in you [Sunday
5:02pm May 22nd]
[ mood | tired ]

Yesterday was the Kiss Concert. Erin and I went and we left at 11:30 and didn't get back until after 1:30 in the morning. It was amazing. The best parts for me were gav playing chemical party, backstreet boysss!, meeting howie and akon;-), and will smith playing all his old school songs including the Fresh Prince song haha it doesn't get much better then that. the only bad part was that Jesse couldn't make it cause he is in the hospital, but having a free concert in the summer def makes up for it! I thought that instead of writing about my day, I would just show you all my day in pictures (not my pics haha, we couldn't have cameras)


Click!Collapse )

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you can turn off the sun but i'm still gunna shine [Sunday
3:28pm May 15th]
[ mood | busy ]

This weekend was fun! I saw Monster in Law and went to Panera friday and it was a good movie:-) and thennnnnnnn I watched scream last night and oh man it was pretty scary! haha i was flippin out. and today I learned how to drive a standard. UM, it's pretty complicated haha but I only stalled like a million times.

next weekend is going to be just about the best ever:-)

OH you can do this just because i did it in everyone else's journal:

1. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
2. I will then tell what song/movie remind me of you.
3. If I were to wrestle with you in a vat of jello, the flavor would be....
4. I will say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I will tell you my first memory of you.
6. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. Put this in your journal.

Rachel ♥

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I almost wish you would have loved me too [Tuesday
7:38pm May 10th]
[ mood | content ]

So much fun this weekend! House of Wax and then an amazing party.. Happy Birthday girls!:-)

Yesterday I drove myself to dance. I kind of flipped out when I was parking, but other then that it was fine. it was my first time driving myself somewhere besides to like a friends house.

OH, and we finished our tap dance. I love it!

lately all the music i've been listening to is like classic backstreet boys and britney spears haha wicked good.

okay, wellll this is a pointless entry, so i guess i'll start studying for chem.

laterrrr ♥

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i know ugliness now show me something pretty [Friday
10:08pm May 6th]
[ mood | scared ]

basically i'm flippin out, and I can't go to sleep soooooo I stole this from ceylan!

woooooooCollapse )

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somethings different in my world today, they changed my traffic sign to a brighter yellow [Thursday
1:54pm April 28th]
[ mood | calm ]

Vacation has been good, can't believe it's almost over.

 Having a drivers license is pretty sweet, it makes life mucho easier. Sunday w. Alyssa I got lost for the first time on the way home from cinemagic haha, i only panicked for a second though. but basically, I love driving.

Matt and I bought the OC on DVD!! haha I loveeee it.

I guess that's it, don't want to make everyone bored with all the details of the week so far. more later maybe:-)


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4:24pm April 21st]
I got my license today!!!!:-)

It was kind of like the most stressful 5 minutes of my life during the road test, hahah i was like flippin out. BUT, I'm sooo glad its over.

SO, let's make plans for over vacation! I'll drive;-)

I gotta go finish (umm start?!) that song thing for creative writing, so adios.

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yo [Monday
4:37pm April 18th]
[ mood | numb ]

weird/stressful/bad/exciting day

I could barely stay awake in chemistry. It's like a battle every morning to keep my eyes open. In creative writing, well it was just the most stressful thing ever. I'm neverrr going to count on being able to get essays that I email to myself at school ever again, although it did work out in the end. Then social studies was okay because after turning in my project I was just so happy to be finished and not have to worry about it. UM, lunch was insane, like with at first the pride mascot walking around, and then the most craziest/funniest fight everrr. oh boy it was crazy. Then spanish was spanish.

so now I'm home. I'm kind of in a weird mood though. I'm going to get my licencia sometime this week, hopefully tomorrow, but it really depends on when I have a chance to pratice flippin reverse parking. I really don't want to fail the test. i give up. seriously i just give up. i don't even care anymore. SO we'll see how that goes. And we may just finish my tap dance tonight. woo i like that dance:-) And everwood is on tonight! hahaha i need something to make me concentrate on my homework.

We're doing that song thing in creative writing now, and I really don't know what song to do? a mi NO ME GUSTA ms. phelps NADA.



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toma que toma que toma toma que toma que toma toma que toma que tomata [Tuesday
7:48pm April 12th]
[ mood | worried ]

Basically, I had my last driving/observing hour today. It was with Sonia, I literally like screamed when I saw her in the car because I was so happy it wasn't Cathy. hahah So it was good, and now all I have left is class Friday and Sunday and then I'm ready for the test!:-)

Mr. Kaeppelar knows my name now. ahaha welll I don't think he had up to this point, but now he does. And he calls on me for the questions that I have NO idea what the answers are obv. I guess I'm gunna have to try harder to stay awake in Chem. now.

Early Release tomorrow will be spent working on my lovely jobshadowing project:-( DUDE, Yuenger gives us sooo many projects, I'm going crazy.

It was Spain day or whatever in Espanol yesterday. Everytime I saw pics from Madrid or Barcelona, I was just like flooded with memories lol oh boy, it almost gave me enough motivation to work more on my scrapbook. lol cause it still has 3 whole pages.

As of May 21st, my life will officially be complete. flippin GAVIN AND JESSE in one place, not to mention the BACKSTREET BOYS and WILL SMITH. and just, oh man, I'm very excited.

Got to go, chem quiz tomorrow maybe? aaaah.


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everything looks perfect from far away [Saturday
8:04pm April 9th]
[ mood | silly ]

Your Inner European is Spanish!

Energetic and lively.

You bring the party with you!

wellll, obv.;-)

Fun weekend so far! drivers ed. was boring.. 3 more classes though so not bad. then Alyssa's w. Ja, and a little One Tree Hill marathon. It made me wish I had the OC dvds so bad. And today was Laurens party.. it was fun.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!<3

UM TOMORROW, Kickball at 2 at Greeley Park, and everyone should come and everyone should tell everyone else to come, okay? haha good.

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You will always be a part of me [Wednesday
7:47pm April 6th]
[ mood | groggy ]

Amazing weather=:-)

being sick=:-(

I have been fine all winter and now all the sudden the sun is out and I'm all sick, aw man. BUT, there are these pretty flowers starting to grow in my front yard! I was so happy to see them, and NO more snow!

yesterday I had my 9th hour and I parallel parked. I also drove down the highway with my door open.. haha I always find someway to make a fool out of myself.

jobshadowing mi padre tomorrow. It's gunna be pretty boring, but at least I don't have to go to school and do all of my homework tonight. I haven't been getting much sleep lately. I really need to stop being such a slacker.

This weekend should be fun! I'm excited.

that's all for now:-)

love ya<3

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